Three People, One Mind

The three parts that make up James Buchanan Barnes are very different people: Yasha Misostov, The Winter Soldier, and Bucky Barnes.


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Singleverse: Faith and Fabian Lehane and Their Family

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Father Fabian

So I have this hc in my head. That while yes, when the girls where younger, of course Fabian was a rather frightening guardian. As in all the cliche’s of greeting boys with a gun in hand, doing the towering thing whenever he talked to em, all the half veiled threats and the smile’s that looked like he was baring teeth.

These are his princesses for fucks sake. His precious baby girls and he loves them all more than his own life. He will always worry for them, do whatever he can to protect them.

Which is why he raised them up right. Taught em to think for themselves. To never let a boy or any other jackass tell them they’re less then they are or push them into a position that they are meant more for.

These are his princesses. And he raised them to remember that she doesn’t need no god damn prince. Thats ok if she prefers the swords and fire over dolls and makeup. That if someone ever thinks to threaten them, you do not shirk and apologize for yourself. You answer by smashing a god damn chair across their mouths. 

These are his girls, and they’re his little lady loves, his darling princesses. And he made them sharp and new and with fangs of their own.


AU where Character A is a guardian angel assigned to Character B. Character C is a demon assigned to tempt Character B into sin. Character B is oblivious to both Character A and Character C’s existences.

Shenanigans ensue when Character A and Character C both try to influence Character B at the same time. 


ACT I - Weapon

ACT II - Soldier


The journey of a mind that is only barely there // a Bucky Barnes fanmix (each act will start with an instrumental)